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You’re a badass.

You decided to bring your idea into the world - to launch a brand, build a company, maybe even to change the world. You can do it. You really can. But you can’t do it alone. You need a squad around you to lift you up, cheer you on, and help you figure it out - all of it, even the things you don’t yet realize you’re going to need to figure out.

The FBomb Breakfast Club is a peer support group for female founders and women business owners. We talk like truckers and build badass companies. 


We unequivocally recognize and welcome trans women as women. We commit to ongoing anti-racism learning and practice. And we expect the same of all women in our community.



To be an FBomber means to join our community. The simplest way to do that is to join us on Facebook where we host a daily conversation, moderated by a community lead. It’s free, it’s different, and you’re going to meet a lot of amazing women.



FBomb really comes alive when we’re in the room together. Since January 2017, we’ve met on the first fucking Friday of EVERY month at the ass crack of dawn (7am Pacific) - and we have no plans to break this streak! Holiday? We meet. Morning after a holiday? We meet. Meetings are open to all female founders and women business owners - and only to female founders and women business owners. These 90 minutes are just for us.


There are two ways to join our monthly FBomb Breakfast Club meeting. When we publish each month’s event (here and on Facebook), you can register for that meeting and Pay What You Can. Or, you can join our paid membership community for $35/ month and get the meeting link and information delivered right to your inbox - along with all the details to join us for additional events EVERY Friday.


All-In The Motherluvin’ Boardroom

In the great uncertainty of 2021, many of us realized we needed a lot more time together. To make that possible while living into our value of paying women for their work, we launched a paid membership option via Patreon called The Motherluvin’ Boardroom. For $35/ month, Motherluvers meet every Friday:


  • On first Fridays we join the FBomb Breakfast Club monthly meeting

  • On second Fridays we gather in the Motherluvin’ Boardroom for Office Hours where we get to ask questions of an expert on a business topic - from trademarks to search engine optimization (SEO)

  • On third Fridays we spend an hour getting shit done together during our monthly Accountability Hangout

  • On fourth Fridays we learn and problem solve together during our monthly Motherluvin’ Boardroom Meeting


We also collaborate 24/7 in a virtual boardroom, learn about each other through a weekly poll, and build our business skills via episodes of the FBomb Supercollider video learning series.

Still wondering if FBomb is for you? Here are answers to some common questions:


Who can join the FBomb Breakfast Club?

The FBomb Breakfast Club is for female founders and women business owners. From side hustles to venture scale startups, freelancers to CEOs, if you own it, you're in. Whether you're just getting started, years into it, or negotiating an exit, if you own it, you're in. 


What makes FBomb valuable is our focus on this one thing we have in common - we’re founders and owners, here to support each other as fellow founders and owners.


How do I join?

Join us on Facebook, register for a meeting here on our website, or join us in the Motherluvin’ Boardroom.


I’m not a founder or owner, but I’d love to come to your meetings. Can I?

In a word, nope. We love you! We thank you for your support! But our recurring meetings are just for FBombers. Every now and then we host an event that brings together members from the wider startup ecosystem. The best way to find out about those is by signing up for our newsletter, the FBlast.


Wait, why not?

There are very few spaces where female founders and women business owners can come together to learn, to vent, to cuss, to cry, to show up as our whole selves without feeling compelled to censor ourselves for our investors, employees, board members, and customers. This is also why we do not record meetings. What happens at FBomb, stays at FBomb. This is our time, just for us, to show up however the fuck we need to show up, and to talk about the things we want to talk about, unfiltered.


I’m an investor looking to invest in female founders. Can I come to your meetings?

See above. This is not the purpose of our meetings. However, if you’re a woman or non-binary angel investor and you want to connect with other women and non-binary angel investors for shared learning and deal flow, we invite you to join FBomb Angels.


What is Pitches 2 Bitches?

The FBomb Breakfast Club hosts an annual startup pitch competition every October just for female founders. Five finalists from the FBomb community are selected to pitch their startup to a panel of badass women investors, advisors, and community leaders, for glory, prizes, and a pocket full of cash. We announce the details of each year’s competition in our newsletter, the FBlast.


I have an offer I think female founders and women business owners will want! How can I get it to them?

We believe the expertise is in the community, so we prioritize setting the table for women to promote their offerings to each other. We rarely put offers in front of FBombers that aren’t from women-founded and women-led companies responding to a specific ask from the community. If you think you have something exceptional, drop us a line and we’re happy to consider it. 


I love what you're doing! How can I help?

Cool! We love you, too. If you’re not an FBomber, the best way to support FBomb is by sponsoring an event or program. Drop us a line and let’s talk about it!

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