5th annual

pitches 2 bitches

pitch /piCH/ to persuade someone to buy or accept something

Whether a services firm or a tech startup, a retail store or a digital media brand, if you’re building a business you have to learn how to pitch. To customers. Strategic partners. Investors. Future employees. At Pitches 2 Bitches, you’re pitching your new business or business idea to a virtual room full of women to convince us, and our guest judges, that you’re building the most promising new business idea of the year.

What is
pitches 2 bitches?

P2B is the FBomb Breakfast Club’s annual business pitch competition and it takes place during our October meeting (7am on the first fucking Friday of October). Up to 5 finalists are invited to deliver a riveting 5 minute pitch to a virtual room of wildly supportive fellow female founders and women business owners. A panel of guest judges - women investors and business leaders - pick a winner who walks away with a little bit of pocket money, some great prizes, and all of the glory.


2021 is our fifth year of this early morning badassery, and we can’t wait to see the new businesses and emerging business ideas born in the shit storm of 2020-21.

What makes p2b unique?

The hallmark of P2B is how fun and supportive it is - everyone wants nothing but your absolute success. There is no fee to apply. Everyone gets meaningful feedback. And this year, everyone also gets an exclusive invitation to a virtual VIP reception with women angel and venture investors! Finalists get deep feedback, pitch practice and coaching with some of the best, and an entire squad of champions to lift them to the virtual stage.

the p2b5 team

This year, our finalists are again coached by the indomitable Leslie Pierson, who crushed it on Shark Tank and continues to roll out successful product after product with GoodHangups, Taco vs. Burrito, and Bold Made. Leslie is the best pitch coach, no matter what you’re pitching!


Our guest judges:

  • Aparna Rae, founder of Moving Beyond and award winning entrepreneur

  • Carlee Price, CFO and angel investor extraordinaire 

  • Leslie Feinzag, founder, CEO, and venture investor at Female Founders Alliance

Interested in pitching?

Find all the deets about P2B5 here.

Love supporting Female Founders? Drop us a line if you’d like to contribute cash or business services to the prize pool.