Every October, the FBomb Breakfast Club hosts a one-of-a-kind business pitch competition where up to 5 finalists get 5 minutes each  to pitch their new business or business idea to a (virtual) room full of the most supportive women anywhere. And this year, we're taking it up a notch!

QUESTIONS? Drop us a line! 

Here are the deets:

WHAT'S NEW:  Gone are the days of submitting your application blindly and praying it didn't suck! I mean, who thought of that anyway? This year, you will have access to a free month-long Learning Lab where you can hone your idea, learn about early stage fundraising, and perfect your pitch.  Plus, for the first time ever, finalists will be pitching not just for glory, but for the first check from our founding class of FBomb Angels!


WHAT TO EXPECT: Doors to the P2B Learning Lab open September 1 and you can enter anytime, all month long. In there, you'll find weekly lessons, tips and resources, sample pitch decks, and even live pitch practice sessions where you can get feedback in a fun and safe environment. All of this will get you ready to hit submit on your application September 30. The FBomb Angels will select 5 finalists to take the virtual stage at P2B on October 21, and we'll share feedback with every applicant. If you take the time to apply, we take the time to share something back that's useful.


HOW TO JOIN: P2B is just for FBombers, so step one is to join our free community here. Once inside, look for the P2B Learning Lab, and click to join.  It's as easy as that! Get lost? Hit us up. We'll help you find your way.  

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