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Oops. It's been a minute.

Oh hello there, FBombers. It’s been a minute.

We had a big year. We held our first meeting. And then we showed up every fucking month after that. Geekwire covered us. Twice. John Legere sent us donuts. Women called us from all around the country. A bunch of companies stepped up to sponsor us. Dozens of you took a turn at the mic. You told stories. Shared wisdom. Pitched your badass businesses. We rocked. We flubbed. We rallied. And now we’re more than 1,500 strong.

We weren’t alone in raising the tide for women these past 15 months. We witnessed the birth of The Riveter and its powerful movement to support women in business, bringing investors and civic leaders together to move the fucking needle, and becoming *the* place to connect and get deals done. We watched Women’s Business Incubator – The Inc. – emerge as a game changer for moms, proving that crushing it at parenting and entrepreneurship are not mutually exclusive. From Lady Boss Meetups for small business owners, to the Female Founders Alliance for venture-scale aspirers, there’s been a shit ton of community building going on for women entrepreneurs. Local podcasts like Microsoft Women in Business and Technology are keeping us abreast of what’s going on, while breaths of fresh air like the Success Bully and Women’s Sidehustle Society podcasts are bringing us inspiring stories and insights from the front lines of bossing.

Whether it’s been with us or one of our badass peers, we hope you’ve found your tribe.

And once you have, here are some of the best things you’ve taught us:

Don’t just ask, offer. Leads, introductions, referrals. Recommend a fellow FBomber for a speaking opportunity. Download her podcast. Give her Facebook page a 5-star review. Like, follow, retweet, comment. If her products or services are a match for your needs, buy them. At full price.

Show up, especially when it’s hard. When you’d rather hide beneath the covers. Let others lift you up when you need it. And when things are going great, show up for them.

Host a few women to practice pitching together. To compare business plans and go-to-market strategies. Debrief after meetings with investors. Share tips for rocking the board room. Make your KPI dashboard a template that others can adapt.

And never, ever underestimate the power of community. High fives. Hugs. Happy hours. A good cry in solidarity. They might not be measurable, but they absolutely, always matter.

Thank you for being our tribe.

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Megan McNally is the founder of the FBomb Breakfast Club. She recently merged her badass business law firm with Foundry Law Group so she can focus full time on building Diana | SportsTV, the first streaming network dedicated to women’s sports.

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